Heritage & Sustainability Symposium

Cultural heritage assets are sustainable by virtue of their existence for thousands of years. Inevitably, the continuity of cultural value, alongside environmental, economic and social aspects form the four pillars of Sustainability. However, the flux of the on-going argument is how to collectively sustain heritage properties (cultural, natural, tangible and intangible) while safeguarding their inherited values.

The Liverpool School of Architecture (LSA) has been undertaking several, teaching, research and empirical projects and initiatives to address such challenge in an innovative and interdisciplinary approach. Dr Ataa Alsalloum, representing the LSA at the RIBA North West Conservation, Heritage & Sustainability Group, and as the Chair of the ICOMOS-UK Education, Training and Events Committee, organised and hosted this event as part of the Liverpool Architectural Festival, June 2022.


Presentation and exhibition of undergraduate and postgraduate heritage and sustainability teaching initiatives.


Presentation and panel discussion of several reserach projects by different members of staff.


Key note presentation, Liverpool University School of Architecture new project by O’Donnelland Tuomey.