In July 2022, a significant event took place at the Museum of Liverpool, documenting the cultural heritage of Syrians now residing in the UK. This event marked the conclusion of the Intangible Cultural Heritage research project, a collaborative effort between the University of Liverpool and the Syrian-British Cultural Centre.

Among the speakers at the event were notable figures such as Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay, the Sir James Stirling Chair in Architecture at the Liverpool School of Architecture, and Dr Ghazwan Al Kalash, the Director of the Syrian British Cultural Centre.

The project, overseen by Dr Ataa Alsalloum, a Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Heritage at the University, stated: “This initiative has significantly increased awareness of how Syrians have adapted their homes post-resettlement in the UK. It has illuminated the various traditional practices Syrians have carried with them and has provided an important platform for their voices to be heard.”

For the second time, the Museum of Liverpool served as the ideal venue for disseminating the project’s findings, while also offering a chance to welcome Syrians into Liverpool’s community and familiarize them with the city’s history. The robust collaboration between the University of Liverpool and the Syrian-British Cultural Centre has paved the way for substantial impact.