Rebuilding and Reconciliation in Old Aleppo-the Historic Urban Landscape Perspectives
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Chapter Abstract

In this chapter, the historical development of Old Aleppo is briefly presented, noting its designation values as a World Heritage Cultural Site in 1986. The significance of Old Aleppo goes beyond such values. Therefore, the sociocultural, historic, economic, identity and intangible values of Old Aleppo, along with its authenticity, integrity, and outstanding universal values, are questioned as the drivers for post-conflict reconciliation. Accordingly, the Historic Urban Landscape approach, as a leading heritage policy document, is adopted and tested on a pilot area inside the intra-muros city of Aleppo. The aim is to propose an agenda for an inclusive reconciliation in Old Aleppo and maybe elsewhere in Syria.

Recommended Citation

Alsalloum, A. (2019). Rebuilding and Reconciliation in Old Aleppo: The Historic Urban Landscape Perspectives. In: Pereira Roders, A., Bandarin, F. (eds) Reshaping Urban Conservation. Creativity, Heritage and the City, vol 2. Springer, Singapore.